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Welcome to Bacall & Bogie, an experiential, luxury fashion boutique born in Bethesda. We offer an edited selection of chic, versatile, and sustainably produced garments and accessories from Spain, France, Portugal, Denmark, and more. Committed to quality over quantity, we’re on a mission to make your closet easier to shop by providing new, interesting designs for every role you play: the Momtrepreneur, the Traveler, the Artist, the Trendsetter, et., ALL. And we work with brands that respect people and the planet. These choices are simple, but significant.

Join Us For Out GRAND OPENING - MAY 21, 2022

Bacall & Bogie Invites You to Celebrate Our Grand Opening and Enjoy “The Med’ In May” – Saturday, May 21, 5PM – 9PM

We are excited to announce the grand opening of Bacall & Bogie, a sustainable luxury fashion boutique born in Bethesda. Join us for a Med’-inspired festa. Partake in an evening of Med’ Magic while shopping sustainable luxury styles from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and more, savoring traditional Mediterranean aperitivo, and experience something new.

Date: Saturday, May 21
Time: 5PM – 9PM
Location: Our Store – 8001 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 202, Bethesda, MD 20814



From May 4 – May 20, we will be off experiencing something new, and the shop will be closed in preparation for our Grand Opening on May 21.

Beginning May 22 we will commerce regular business hours.
M/F: 12PM-5PM (or by-appointment for early morning hours)
S/S: By-appointment
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Bacall & Bogie is a high-end, inclusive environment that delivers on the needs of the modern person and welcomes the family into the shopping space. We know that the past few years have been tough so why not start enjoying life a bit more by joining a new community.

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